Particular's advantages

Due to its physical approach, laser ablation in liquids is generally different from chemical syntheses. Avoiding chemical precursors is useful for nanotechnology, as high purity is often required - for example in biological or medical applications or when a polymer is to be filled with nanoparticles without impurifying the matrix.

Nanoparticles from Particular offer the following advantages:

  • high purity of the colloids without left over precursors or byproducts,
  • long durability due to electrostatic and optionally sterical stabilization,
  • organic solvents as possible direct dispersants without medium transfer.

Examples of unique applications enabled by Particular's method:

  • adsorption of catalytic nanoparticles to microparticle supports with nanoparticle loads up to 10 wt-% and more,
  • gold nanomarkers that are lasting and biocompatible (instead of bleaching fluorophores or toxic quantum dots),
  • nano-coatings from the same material as the workpiece to avoid additional material qualifications during product approvals,
  • volume embedding of metal nanoparticles in polymers for longer effectiveness than that of coatings (ion release capacities up to several years),
  • nanoparticle mixtures for coatings and volume embedding with adjustable function combinations.