Nanoparticle coatings

Nanotechnology is mostly associated with surfaces. One gram of nanoparticles own a total surface area that is millions of times larger than that of one gram of foil. Thus, nanoparticles can interact with their environment more efficiently - for example in the fields of biological compatibility or removal of bacteria. This is why more and more products in innovative fields like medicine are refined by nanoparticle coatings.

Particular coats your metallic components with compatible nanomaterial. Do you already know which nanoparticles you want to apply to refine your surface? Then let us start right away! If not, would you like to develop a product refinement together with us? Particular's flexible method enables you to test different coatings as efficiently as no other technology.

Even effect combinations can be adjusted individually: your device is coated with a "nanoparticle cocktail" in just one coating step, combining nano-functions such as hardness, bacterial removal, or improved incorporation behavior.