Gold nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles are mainly used in biotechnology and biomedicine. Their optical absorption spectrum, affinity to thiol groups, and toxicological innocuousness are the main properties that predestine gold nanoparticles for diagnostical and therapeutical applications.

In in-vitro analysis, gold nanoparticles are used to locate viruses, bacteria or proteins in many rapid tests, making use of their characteristic red color. This effect is well known e.g. from pregnancy tests, cocaine tests or cancer tests. In in-vivo applications, gold nanoparticles can be used in picture-giving procedures for localization as well as diagnosis, and hyperthermic treatment allows the targeted destruction of cells.

Outside of medical technology, the deployment of gold nanoparticles in photovoltaics by embedding them into thin solar cells has shown to increase solar energy conversion efficiencies.

Contrary to any other gold nanoparticles on the market, laser-generated nanoparticles are not synthesized chemically, but actually made from real, pure gold by physical laser ablation. Therefore, they do not contain any chemical impurities.

Particular offers such colloids and also conjugates gold nanoparticles with biomolecules directly during the gold nanoparticle generation process. Besides their purity, these gold conjugates excel by highest conjugation efficiencies.

New: World-Purest Nano-Gold

Gold nanoparticles with diameters below 10 nm in water at a concentration of 10 mg/L. Our laser technology alone allows this combination of unique properties:

  • monodisperse with diameters below 10 nm,
  • highly reactive, extraordinarily high ligand affinity,
  • highly negative charge (electrostatically stabilized),
  • 100 % free of ligands, tensides, reactants,
  • including certificate of analysis.

Our prices:

  • 25 ml: 110 EUR,
  • 100 ml:   190 EUR,
  • 1000 ml:   550 EUR.

Please contact us or use our order sheet to directly order our "purest nano-gold".

Our Standard Colloids

Liquid dispersions of highly pure nanoparticles available in larger amounts: nanoparticles below 20 nm in water, acetone, 2-propanol, or ethylene glycol.

Our prices for 10 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   550 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  1,900 EUR.

Our prices for 100 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   1,440 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  4,900 EUR.

10 grams of pure nanomaterial are available for only 9,900 EUR: from many materials, dispersed in water or acetone. Please contact us for details.

Smaller amounts than listed above, in concentrations of 100 mg/L, are available directly from STREM Chemicals