Nanoparticle polymer composites

A wish comes true for many manufacturers of medical products: Particular's production method allows the homogeneous dispersion of bioactive nanoparticles in polymers. These can be shaped thermoplastically or produced by cross-linking (e.g. for silicone) without agglomeration of the nanoparticles.

In cooperation with Particular, such polymers for medical implants are being developed by LZH and several industrial partners. Antibacterial nanoparticle combinations are produced by laser ablation in applicable polymer or solvent components, in order to unfold their effects for a long time after polymerization. The nanoparticles stay safely embedded within the polymer, while they slowly emit ions that have a cell-selective effect on the product surface.

If you would like to take part in the development of polymer products with unique biological properties, please contact us. Material samples of antibacterial nanoparticle-polymer composites are already available. These are continuously being prepared, tested and improved together with our partners.