Customized nanoparticles

The nature of nanoparticles can be as manifold as their applications. For example, silver nanoparticles are not the only nanoparticles with an anti-bacterial effect: Particular can also produce other antibacterial nanoparticles from copper or zinc, even in solvents like acetone.

Are you looking for magnetic nanoparticles from a defined alloy? Do you want to process metallic aluminum or titanium nanoparticles or carry out experiments with cerium nanoparticles or alloy nanoparticles from NiTi, AuAg, or PtIr? We produce the nanoparticles you want directly in water or in the solvent that you prefer to apply.

Please download our nanoparticle catalogue and contact us for details and customized quotes.

Our Standard Colloids

Liquid dispersions of highly pure nanoparticles available in larger amounts: nanoparticles below 20 nm in water, acetone, 2-propanol, or ethylene glycol.

Our prices for 10 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   550 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  1,900 EUR.

Our prices for 100 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   1,440 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  4,900 EUR.

10 grams of pure nanomaterial are available for only 9,900 EUR: from many materials, dispersed in water or acetone. Please contact us for details.

Smaller amounts than listed above, in concentrations of 100 mg/L, are available directly from STREM Chemicals