Silver nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles are mostly used for their biological properties, but some applications make use of their electrical or optical properties as well.

The antimicrobial effect of silver nanoparticles makes them interesting for biological and medical applications: the high chemical reactivity of silver ions allows the silver surface to enter strong bonds with groups containing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, or oxygen, which then prevents the spreading of bacteria or fungi. A more extensive introduction to silver nanoparticles is given in a blog article on nano-silver.

Contrary to any other silver nanoparticles on the market, laser-generated nanoparticles are not synthesized chemically, but actually made from real, pure silver by physical laser ablation. Therefore, they do not contain any chemical impurities.

Particular offers such silver nanoparticles in water and numerous organic solvents, which, together with their purity, provides advantages for new developments in all application areas for silver nanoparticles.

Our Standard Colloids

Liquid dispersions of highly pure nanoparticles available in larger amounts: nanoparticles below 20 nm in water, acetone, 2-propanol, or ethylene glycol.

Our prices for 10 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   550 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  1,900 EUR.

Our prices for 100 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   1,440 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  4,900 EUR.

10 grams of pure nanomaterial are available for only 9,900 EUR: from many materials, dispersed in water or acetone. Please contact us for details.

Smaller amounts than listed above, in concentrations of 100 mg/L, are available directly from STREM Chemicals