Nanoparticle catalogue

Our brochure on nanoparticle dispersions (as of February 2014):

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New: World-Purest Nano-Gold

Gold nanoparticles with diameters below 10 nm in water at a concentration of 10 mg/L. Our laser technology alone allows this combination of unique properties:

  • monodisperse with diameters below 10 nm,
  • highly reactive, extraordinarily high ligand affinity,
  • highly negative charge (electrostatically stabilized),
  • 100 % free of ligands, tensides, reactants,
  • including certificate of analysis.

Our prices:

  • 25 ml: 110 EUR,
  • 100 ml:   190 EUR,
  • 1000 ml:   550 EUR.

Please contact us or use our order sheet to directly order our "purest nano-gold".

Our Standard Colloids

Liquid dispersions of highly pure nanoparticles available in larger amounts: nanoparticles below 20 nm in water, acetone, 2-propanol, or ethylene glycol.

Our prices for 10 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   550 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  1,900 EUR.

Our prices for 100 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   1,440 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  4,900 EUR.

10 grams of pure nanomaterial are available for only 9,900 EUR: from many materials, dispersed in water or acetone. Please contact us for details.

Smaller amounts than listed above, in concentrations of 100 mg/L, are available directly from STREM Chemicals

New: Supported Nanoparticles

Nano-active micropowder for catalysis, pigmentation, or polymer additives:

  • precious metals (esp. Au, Pt) of about 10 nm,
  • high defect density for catalytic effectiveness,
  • adsorbed to microparticle carriers (TiO2, CeO, carbon, BaSO4),
  • nanoparticle load of 0.1 to 1 wt% (up to 10 wt% for titania).

Our prices (load of 1 wt%):

  • 1 gram: 550 EUR,
  • 10 grams:    1,440 EUR.

Please contact us or use our order sheet to directly order our "supported nanoparticles", specifying the material combination.