Platinum nanoparticles

Platinum nanoparticles are especially interesting in catalysis, as platinum is one of the most important materials used in catalytic techniques using hydrogen, oxygen and other gases. In the form of nanoparticles, platinum has a substantially higher effectiveness because of the increased specific surface area. At sizes of 10 nm, 20 % of the platinum atoms directly interact with the surroundings of the nanoparticle.

Platinum also has slight toxic effects on human cells and is therefore used for commercial cancer therapy. With the help of core-shell nanoparticles, a selective effect on tumor cells can be achieved. Some technical nanoparticle applications also use the conductivity of nano-platinum.

A current Nature Chemistry publication explains that purity of nanoparticles from gold or platinum leads to higher catalytical activity. However, removing ligands from chemically synthesized metal nanoparticles involves effort and costs and is not completely realizable.

Contrary to any other platinum nanoparticles on the market, laser-generated nanoparticles are not synthesized chemically, but actually made from real, pure platinum by physical laser ablation. They do not contain any chemical impurities and are free of ligands. The process also provides them with a large surface activity as the nanoparticles show a large surface defect density.

Particular offers such colloids and also directly attaches platinum nanoparticles to catalytic supports during the platinum nanoparticle generation process to ensure highest adsorption efficiencies. Besides their purity, these nanoparticle catalysts excel by highest catalytic activities.

Our Standard Colloids

Liquid dispersions of highly pure nanoparticles available in larger amounts: nanoparticles below 20 nm in water, acetone, 2-propanol, or ethylene glycol.

Our prices for 10 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   550 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  1,900 EUR.

Our prices for 100 mg/L:

  • 1 liter:   1,440 EUR,
  • 10 liters:  4,900 EUR.

10 grams of pure nanomaterial are available for only 9,900 EUR: from many materials, dispersed in water or acetone. Please contact us for details.

Smaller amounts than listed above, in concentrations of 100 mg/L, are available directly from STREM Chemicals

New: Supported Nanoparticles

Nano-active micropowder for catalysis, pigmentation, or polymer additives:

  • precious metals (esp. Au, Pt) of about 10 nm,
  • high defect density for catalytic effectiveness,
  • adsorbed to microparticle carriers (TiO2, CeO, carbon, BaSO4),
  • nanoparticle load of 0.1 to 1 wt% (up to 10 wt% for titania).

Our prices (load of 1 wt%):

  • 1 gram: 550 EUR,
  • 10 grams:    1,440 EUR.

Please contact us or use our order sheet to directly order our "supported nanoparticles", specifying the material combination.