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Particular, a German nanotech company, have been in the market with highly pure nanomaterials since 2010 and have moved to Burgdorf in the north of Hanover in 2017. Get informed about our company history and our cooperation partners.

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Company history

In 2009, Particular started as a spin-off from Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH), a large non-profit laser institute in northern Germany, where a Nanomaterials Group developed methods to generate nanoparticles. EXIST-ForschungstransferFrom 2008 to 2011, the founders received subsidies within a program line called EXIST Transfer of Research from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. In 2009, Particular won the all-German STARTBAHN competition for business plans from the medical economy by Startbahn MedEcon Ruhr with 66 contestant teams. In 2010, Particular was one of the Top 5 teams in the nationwide business plan competition by Science4Life.

By starting our business in 2010, Particular became the first company world-wide using laser ablation in liquids for the commercial production of nanoparticles. InnovestmentIn 2011, Particular was the first German high-tech startup outside the IT sector to receive a crowd-investment, using the German platform Innovestment. In 2012, the founders were nominated for the Berthold Leibinger Award für applied laser technology, and Particular received an award by the German Nanotechnology Association (DV-Nano) as the "Newcomer of the Year".

From 2013 to 2017, the headquarters of Particular were in Langenhagen, and in 2017 we moved to Burgdorf, also in the north of Hanover. Particular has delivered nanoparticles to numerous customers from industry (e.g. automotive, biotechnology, medical technology), research (universities and research centers from very different fields) and national authorities. Customers mainly came from Germany, but we also sold our products to many European countries and to the USA, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Taiwan.


Since 2012, Particular is proud to have a sales cooperation with STREM ChemicalsSTREM Chemicals Inc., a special chemistry supplier from Massachusetts of world-wide reputation in research and catalysis. Typical nanoparticle dispersions and supported nanoparticles by Particular can be ordered from the STREM catalogue.

One of our research partners is the University of Duisburg-Essen. Particular has been cooperating with the Institute for Technical Chemistry I within publically funded projects in the context of laser-generated nanomaterials.

ANGEL conference

ANGEL Conference Particular supports the ANGEL conference series on "Advanced Nanoparticle Generation and Excitation by Lasers in Liquids". Every second year, ANGEL conferences bring the international community together to discuss all scientific issues around laser ablation of nanoparticles in liquids, from the basic understanding of the synthesis processes to the applications.

So far, scientists from all over the world have come together in Engelberg (Switzerland), Taormina (Italy), Matsuyama (Japan), Essen (Germany) and Lyon (France) in the years 2010 to 2018. Particular, as the company that has been employing this technology as the first commercial supplier, sponsored prizes for the best student presentation and poster.