nanoparticle dispersions by Particular

Particular Nanomaterial

We at Particular produce nanoparticle dispersions (colloids) with special properties, applying a unique physical method for synthesis. Our nanoparticles from metals, ceramics and alloys solve special demands - our gold nanoparticles e.g. are ideal for biotechnological applications. We also supply dry powders, in which catalytic substances like platinum are deposited on carrier substrates with extraordinarily high nanoparticle loads. Even alloy nanoparticles are producible!

nanoparticle technology

A particular technology

Our nanoparticle production is based on a laser ablation process in liquids. This enables us to convert bulk material, powders or suspensions into nanoparticle dispersions without the use of chemical reactions and without leaving chemical residues. The resulting colloids are adapted to the demands of our customers or further processed by us. The process is scalable, allowing for many liters per hour when using high-power laser systems.

Particular - the company

We started our business in 2010 as a spin-off from a Hanover-based research center, and were elected "Newcomer of the year" by the German Nanotechnology Association in 2012. Since 2017, we have been producing our nanoparticle dispersions in Burgdorf close to Hanover. Get informed about our company history and our cooperation and sales partners.